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The Hmong and Lao monument project for 2015!

On behalf of The Royal Lao Veterans Fundraising committee, we are moving forward with an online donation campaign to seek funds for the Hmong and Lao Monument project to be built at the State Capital ground (MN Legislative bill HF730). The Monument bill is backed by Senator Foung Hawj, John Hoffman, House representative John Lesch, Senator Amy Klobuchar, Senator Al Franklin, and many Cities and States officials. We are working with the Hmong community to raise funds for this amazing project. This is a once in a life time opportunity to honor all Royal Lao Veterans and our community.

The monument will symbolize our effort and courage during the Vietnam War era. We want the world to know and remember the “Secret War” that happened in Laos. Our beloved country fell. Our people perished. Our tears and the blood that was shed must be acknowledged. I cannot think of a greater honor and pride than a monument that will stand the test of time on the Capital ground. Where our children and grandchildren can learn and be proud of their ancestors, whom fought bravely in the name of Freedom. The Secret War must be apparent, so that it’s no longer a secret.

This honor is for everyone. It’s for all Laotian, Hmong, Cambodian, and Vietnamese because we were all involved in the Indochina WAR. We all have suffered great loss during this era. This monument is to honor and pay tribute to those that sacrificed their lives for our future here.

  • The Hmong and Lao fundraising committees has raised enough funds to match the State requirement for the project. This means will have our monument 2015. Meanwhile, we have another year to raise more funds for the project. Cheers!
  • For more information please click on this Youtube slide.

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    The RLVOA annual celebration


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    The Vietnam Veterans Ceremony DayAmyK

    The welcome home ceremony of the Vietnam veterans day. RLVOA Chairman, Khao Insixiengmay with U.S. Senators Amy Klobuchar at The State Capital march. More pic.

    Memory Photo


    The picture on the left shows Col. Khao Insixiengmay in the middle, GM Commander Champathong deputy on my right, Major Ott. US Army, CIA; Nene Souknary on far right the S3. Photo taken in 1972 at the operation in Paksong, South of Laos. More pic

    Eli Chavez

    Eli Chavez was a former CIA Para Military Office during the battle of Skyline Ridge in 1971, Laos. His responsibilities were to command GM-30, a four Battalion Guerralla force, and providing support and finances the unit. Read more.

    warfactsThe Secret War! The rise and fall of Laos. The events that makes us who we are today. It is important to learn the history before you can understand the conflict. Read more.